Current Trends in music industry

Ifla ZAfar (Student of IIUI) Lately, I was thinking about trends in music industry and I came across the fact that music industry has something which repeats itself, like some sort of legacy or what. Well in music industry goodbyes … read more

‘Be Pakistani, See Pakistani’

ALLIA FATIMA NAQVI (ISLAMABAD) Pakistani showbiz industry already facing collapse of the Pakistani movie industry and now the two setbacks that stand out are the decision to allow the exhibition of Indian films in Pakistani cinemas and the airing of … read more

Decline in book reading culture

ALLIA FATIMA NAQVI ISLAMABAD In the country, a sharp decline among youth in reading habits has been observed during the last three decades, as books have been replaced by cell-phones, computers, laptops, iPads and tablets. There is an old saying … read more