Drugs and Youth

Ifla ZAfar
(Student of IIUI)

Today’s world is getting exploited it’s mainly seen 70% of the world population is calculated as youth. As the first phase is adolescents which is followed by youngsters. This is the only age where a life will be settled in good flow or exploited in worst way. Today we see youth is getting vulnerable to addictions such as drugs, alcohols, joints, weeds and cigarettes.
As it is said “Youth is the Great Future of tomorrow” but now a day we see the future of tomorrow is degrading with addictions. These addictions are affecting in various ways by destroying peace and harmony, mental and physical health, lifestyles and leading to various hazardous diseases.
As per UNESCO 14 to 18 ages consumes drugs and rest 9.3/10 are claimed to be addicts as drugs are categorized tobacco cigarettes cannabis, inhibitors. These are all narcotics drugs which makes ones nervous system week, out of control, leads to mental retardation of brain fastly and leads to death. As estimated by UNODC (United Nation Office of Drugs and Crime) Youth have to face the major consequences as cases life spoiled, HIV/AIDS by exchanging of infected used syringes. Cordial bronchitis, kidney and liver failure, throat and mouth cancers etc!
Youth has a bright future but by this mean they are destroying it including into this addictions for fun. This can be prevented as the early yet late precautions are taken. If a addict is willing to get rid of it the only mental preparations and commitments can help. Rehabilitation centers, Personal enhancing development, Encouragement of parents, friends and society by love, care and support and by applying laws and acts.
Youth are the bright future, the strong strength of nation, the energy should be used for development not to degrading stuff, save it and control it for better fays and better life of youth nations and world.

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