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The Pioneer is an updated news website round the clock with latest and breaking news, stories along with exclusive coverage by collective editorial staff supervised by some of our professional and respected senior stringers voluntarily friends in media industry.

The Pioneer a multicultural English News Network to adopt unbiased attitude in filing, editing news, photos, international, national and ethnic communities, while an investigative and analytical news, views, columns, articles, Interviews by the pioneer team.

The Pioneer is one of the part of “The Lahore Times International”, since it’s launch a professionally skilled and highly motivated editorial team, backed by the state-of-art information technology expertise, as well as excellent syndication and wire service network.

The Pioneer is independently run by well-known national & international journalists, media analysts, writers and educationalists as well as team of IT personnel. It is also associated with Global Media Links & Communication Services, The Stringer, National Media Association, PJF, The Forum, , TLT team members. We also endeavour towards future programs in pipeline, Online Pioneer F.M Radio, Pioneer TV and News Agency very soon.

We are a small team of Independent professional journalists committed to their decades experience in the media field and democratically struggle for the freedom of expression and the protection of fundamental media rights.

The Pioneer also organizes political forums, educational seminars, workshops and community events in different parts of world, particularly in Pakistan and the special supplements on International and National Days on Daily/Weekly/Monthly The Pioneer – Pakistan is the part of among activities.

Why the Pioneer of Pakistan:
A new media outlet is launched with spirit of sharing ideas with new comers and young team of volunteers groomed and supervised by professional journalists. Many prestigious columnists are writing on a true depiction of society’s objectives. Our effort has generated a very enthusiastic response from our worthy community. We are overwhelmed by this extraordinary support.

The Pioneer for public, and learnt from experience that with big money comes big agendas, but we believe that we can pursue truth and introduce the quality, even through a small venture. We believe that ultimate test is the content – the written word and its credibility to bring about a positive change in journalism.

The existence of any organization is dependent upon the level of performance and dedication of it’s people, the human factor is what makes or breaks an organization, and in particular a newspaper’s survival is based totally on the dedication of its work force.

Syndication and reporting:
The Pioneer is a modest effort towards a vision that is not modest at all to bring about a positive change in journalism. A free-will & independent media team every time available at their regional offices in Pakistan as well as overseas correspondents, to file their respective stories. We are proud to operate The Pioneer through a mutual and collective struggle and will go on.

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