DUKKI: HELP-Balochistan (Health Education Livelihood Promoters) under its “Light of Hope” project distributed 1000 solar lights among the poorest residents of 14 killis (villages) of District Dukki, Balochistan. The lights were distributed during a two-day event on February 9-10, 2018 where the chief guests were Commandant L.S Loralai Col. Amir Mukhtar, Wing Commander Dukki, Lt. Col. Mohammad Aqib and Patron Chief of HELP and Former Governer Balochistan, Sardar Gul Muhammad Khan Jogezai.

The beneficiaries with the population of more than 4,000 of the programme were poor miners and their families who are forced to live in the dark due to no electricity in the area; their life comes to a halt as the sun goes down. They suffer additionally because of lack of education and medical facilities.

HELP- Balochistan is delighted to play a positive role in the lives of our poor brothers and sisters with the provision of solar lights. This is a work in process. We have so far distributed more than 1200 solar lights to poor miners and their families since 2017, giving a new meaning to their lives. HELP-Balochistan  hopes to enlist more donors for the next stage of the project whereby one thousand more homes will be illuminated.

Keeping the non-availability of healthcare in the region in view, our team of competent doctors attended to more than a thousand patients at a medical camp that was organized on the second day of the event. We also provided them with free of cost medicines at the camp.

Prof. Dr. Amir Mohammadd Khan Jogezai, Chief Executive, HELP-Balochistan, thanked the donors specially the corporate sector & individuals that made this event possible. He also said that this is the beginning of a tradition whereby we hope to continue serving the lives of deprived people especially poor miners and their families with lights and with life saving medicines. He appealed to the generous people to once again stand next to HELP-Balochistan and make the next stage of support materialize well before time. Dr. Amir specially thanked Col. Amir Mukhtar, Lt. Col. Mohammad Aqib and Sardar Gul Muhammad Khan Jogezai for their presence and support.

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