Salima Aman – IIUI
Islamabad the capital of, Islamic republic of Pakistan seems to be the most dangerous city in upcoming days, as it is threatened, and it is in our wisdoms from the terror attacks in last few months.
The firing, blasts inside the court in f-8, 11 killed and 29 injured, the attack on Marriott hotel in September 2008 when dump truck filled with explosive denoted in front of hotel reported, 54 killed and 266 wounded, and the very recent heart-wrenching incident of blast in fruit market scorched more than25 lives and 128 injuries were stated.
This attack was after 38 days of session court episode in F-8, the continuous incidents of terror attacks snatched the peace of people and now everyone is waiting for their crack to come, people have already prepared their minds, when they come out of their homes in the morning they never know they will meet their family again or not. These events in the capital of Pakistan are awful and also reprehensible for the security forces.
The roots of terrorism are navigating in all parts of Pakistan started from Karachi which is totally captured by street crimes and target killings, followed by other provinces like KPK, Balochistan which has disturbed normal lives, now the roots are moving very rapidly towards the capital Islamabad, the place where state affairs are conducted and maintained which was once supposed to be most peaceful place in Pakistan.
Taliban the peace snatchers of country are denying to accept for the blast in the fruit market another party,The united Baloch army accepted the accountability of bomb blast. Here it comes a very multifaceted questions in our minds, why the accidents again and again? Is there any functional body to stop these attacks, where are the so called security forces? Now the common people, who will they blame for the lives they lost in these tragedies? She was a daughter who slept for permanently in the attack of court there were many more like her in the dread attacks they are children, fathers, sisters, brothers, and grand people. Stakeholders will be showing their response for some time but after few months no one will even bother to ask what happened and why happened, but families will never forget their love once.
This is a very lament stage for the whole state. To elicit the accidents, government should show their accountable attitude and investigate appropriately, otherwise the mishaps will come across in near future and people will wait for their turn to come and became victims of the disasters. This is a call of sorrow and depression not only for the Nation but, for every individual who are part of the state.

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