Beware of the Stalkers!

Wareesha Khan (IIUI, Islamabad) The World Wide Web and Internet are great places to study, work, or even play. But there is an ugly side of cyberspace. Cyberspace reflects the real world and some people tend to forget that. Cyberstalking … read more


ALLIA FATIMA NAQVI ISLAMABAD Text messaging has become preferred mode of communication for majority of youngsters. It has surpassed rest of the forms of daily interaction amongst youngsters like face-to-face conversations, voice calling, etc. Widespread availability of cheap unlimited text … read more

Drugs and Youth

Ifla ZAfar (Student of IIUI) Today’s world is getting exploited it’s mainly seen 70% of the world population is calculated as youth. As the first phase is adolescents which is followed by youngsters. This is the only age where a … read more

Securing Islamabad; A depressing call

Ifla ZAfar (Student of IIUI) A few weeks ago, interior ministry officials had told the nation that the capital was not safe. Suicide bombing at the Islamabad courts complex suggests that the Capital and its sensitive installation are vulnerable. After … read more