World Health Day observed by Halp Age- SRSO

Jamil Khan
SUKKUR: World Health Day 2014 was observed by Help Age International- SRSO at Shikarpur and Jacababad districts on Monday with theme of the “Small bite, big threat”. The message of this year is that Mosquitoes, flies, ticks and bugs may be a threat to your health and that of your family at home and when traveling.
On world health day, activities were seen older people engaged with government officials and standing united to call for improved health access and treatment across the upper Sindh.
Campaigners were took part in Help Age International`s Age Demands Action on Health campaign to call for universal health coverage.
This comes at a time when we reveal that 76 million older people around the world are being excluded from vital healthcare, and life expectancy at 60 is decreasing or remains static in 38 out of 194 countries.
Speaking in an event, arranged by Older People Associations (OPAs), of the Shikarpur- Jaccabad districts, Manager Health, SRSO, Dr Mansoor Ali Memon said that Age Demands Action (ADA) is a global grassroots campaign led by activists fighting for the rights of older people.
He said that “We are teaching older people and others that the risk of certain chronic diseases can be reduced and that there are treatments to prevent more serious complications”, adding that the results shows the urgent need for universal healthcare for older people and the extent to which their healthcare needs are being neglected.”
Dr Mansoor said that in a country where 6% of the population are older but life expectancy at 60+ is in decline, adding that on the occasion, activists has raised the issue of the cost of medicines and the standard of healthcare.
Programme Manager, Health International, Sindh, Shahzado Khaskheli appealed the Sindh government to approve the Senior Citizen Bill in Sindh Assembly (SA) which is pending since 2012, adding that after getting tabled such bill the older people will bring positive changes in lives of senior citizens.
He said that while both older men and women are facing age discrimination, older women face the cumulative effects of gender discrimination throughout their lives, including less access to health and education.
He said that senior citizens are also being faced enormous problems, like discrimination, health, poverty and protection of rights in absence of specific legislation for them.
On the occasion, members of the older people associations met the local elected Members of the National Assembly (MNA), Aijaz Ahmed Jakhrani, MPAs, Deputy Commissioners, District Officers Health (DHOs) and Journalists of the Shikarpur and Jaccababad.

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