Thalassemia center succumbs of shortage of funds in Badin

Thalassemia center Badin succumbs of funds shortage & admitted 581 child patients are under threatens to affect.

According to a report, Thalassemia Center Badin which was established in year 2005 is facing shortage of funds due to non-release of funds by Sindh Govt & non-allocation of Thalassemia center funds in its budget year 2014-15. The precious lives of admitted 581 child patients of various diseases including Thalassemia, Sickle cell & Hemophilia are under serious threat to affect seriously.

Due to non-release of funds & also non allocation of funds in budget of years 2014-15 by Sindh Government, Thalassemia center Badin has been succumbed of shortage of funds & facing hard difficulties to run the center more.

It is learned that Sindh Govt allocates 2 cror funds for Thalassemia center Badin every year in its budget of district health department for medicines of child patients, administrative cost of center & salaries of staff of the center. But currently Sindh Govt has not allocated mentioned amount in budget 2014-15 which commenced to affect the progress of center & has kept the admitted child patients under threat.

Other hand staff of the centers is also being deprived of their salaries from last three months & their families have been faced the hard difficulties.

Citizens of Badin, representatives of civil society & families of staff of centers appealed to Sindh government to resolve the matter on immediate base as child patients of various diseases can be saved from any misfortune & families of the staff can be celebrate the Eid with happiness.

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