Speaker Sindh Assembly addresses Officers in Shikarpur

SHIKARPUR: Being a part of Government and Speaker of Sindh Assembly Agha Sirajuddin Durani has admitted at least that the people of Sindh generally and the citizens of Shikarpur District particularly were facing the serious problem of law and order and he caused the district police administration for creating adverse situation of law and order due to it’s inefficiency and negligence in discharging proper duties to provide legal protection of life, honour and property to the citizens of District Shikarpur.
Addressing the special meeting of the police and District Administrative officers at Darbar Hall here on Monday, he also expressed hi great resentment over the growing crime ratio particularly in committing thefts, house and highway robberies and illegal occupation on the houses and shops of the citizens in the District because of the District Police was entirely failed to discourage the criminal and anti-social activities despite they were given free hand to crush the professional criminals for ensure the peace and tranquillity in the district with provision of legal protection to the citizens.
He stressed upon the police and District Administration to realize their responsibilities to be fulfilled towards the improvement in irregularities created in their departments in the interests of the people in the District.
However the Speakers suggested that the “citizens peace committees” system should be introduced at local level in the district on self help basis inorder to ensure the self security and protection of life, honour and property of the citizens with the close coordination of police and the district administrations in the district which was the need of time.
On the other hand he threatened to make recommendations from the Sindh Assembly forum to take serious action to the police and district Administrative officers if they were found involved negligence in their duties to ensure peace and tranquillity within 15 days in the district.
Besides he also strongly directed the Health officers and the Taluka Municipal Officers to improve the all kinds of irregularities created in their departments including the misappropriation in funds, proper supply of medicines and provision of medical treatment facilities to the patients as they were oftenly involved in irregularities as per public complaints.

SHIKARPUR: Two girls identified as Reema daughter of Abdullah Mahar and Shahnawaz daughter of Sanaullah Mahar of village Anees Mahar were murdered and buried in the plot near village Anees Mahar without coffan and Ghusal two months ago.
The FIR was registered at Jahan Khan Police Station but the dead bodies of the deceased girls could not be recovered.
On the order of the Court, the dead bodies of the deceased girls were exhumed in the presence of Civil Judge Lakhi Ghulam Shah and the investigation Officer Abdul Qudoos Kalwar from a plot near village Anees Mahar on Tuesday.
The postmortem of the dead bodies of the deceased girls was conducted on the spot by the doctors.
Later the dead bodies were handed over to Edhi centre Shikarpur for performing their burial ceremony when the relatives denied of taking the corpse of their deceased girls.
The bodies were buried in the city graveyard in Shikarpur by Edhi volunteers.
It may be recalled that some two months ago, deceased girls named Miss Reema and her cousin Miss Shahnawaz were murdered by their relatives when both the girls who had illicit terms with two youngsters belonging to Jagirani tribe had left their homes for performing their marriages with two Jagirani tribe men through Court. But they were caught on the way by their parents and were gunned down. While the Jagirani tribe men were escaped away from the scene.
Soonafter the incident, The Jirga was held at Wazirabad under the supervision of MNA Ghous Bux Khan Mahar to settle the dispute developed between the Jagirani and Mahar over the murders of two deceased girls.
The dispute was settled by imposing the fine of rupees 2.4 million upon the Jagiranis to be paid to Mahars in Jirga.

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