JAMSHORO: It is ironical that Sindh Text Book Board Jamshoro has failed to make available text books in schools across Sindh due to which millions of children have been deprived of education as despite passage of one month study could not take off in any school in Sindh though the new education year has started from 1st April. On one hand the children were not going to schools while on the other teachers were sitting idle whole day waiting for consignment of text books.
It was also deplorable that education department of Sindh government was not tiring of boasting to improve the education in province and has been claiming that it has given millions of rupees to STBB for printing of text books but there seems no end to plight of parents who happen to be so indignant on absence of text books.It is apparent that Sindh government has failed to fulfill its responsibility. It may be reminded that after one month there will be 2 months summer vacation in schools which means loss of around half year which is considered by civil society and academia as tantamount as willful attempt on part of Sindh education department to destroy further the education of Sindh. The responsibility of getting text books published lies of STBB which has received crores of rupees not only from Sindh government but also from World Bank yet its officers were interested in minting money through commission and kickbacks from the publishers that is why so much delay in publication of books from class I to X.
On the other hand the study in private schools in the province has started in first week of April and was in full swing.This was clear indication that education department wnts to keep students of government schools deprived of education.

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