HYDERABAD,June 27, 2014: Sindh National Party has vehemently opposed current influx of internally disturbed persons from Wazirstan to Sindh and has said the rulers have turned Sindh into orphanage and has called all parties conference (APC) on July 10 in Karachi of all nationalist parties of Sindh to formulate the strategy to counter the settlement of aliens.

This was stated by Ashraf Noonari central leader of Sindh National Party addressing news conference here on Friday. He said religious extremists Taliban are not only enemy of Pakistan but also of Islam as they want to impose their brand of Islam.SNP has been demanding operation against them and now when the army has launched one against them SNP was supporting  it.

He said due to current operation in Wazirstan hundreds of thousands of people were migrating but alas,all were heading towards Sindh where government has set up camps  for them but the government has no record of aliens figure according to rough figures there were 9.5 million illegal immigrants in Sindh to such extent that even IG Sindh has said that that Karachi has become Katchi Abadi. He said due to their influx Sindhis were being deprived of their rights and cities.

In that sense settlement of IDPs of Wazirstan will be more dangerous for Sindhis.The resources of employment and livelihood of Sindhis were being marginalized and it is feared that Sindhi nation might be converted into minority by 2020. He asked as to why these IDPs were not being settled in Punjab and has Sindh alone taken contract of settling all aliens of world over. He warned that if the government did not stop settlement of aliens  Sindhis might be provoked and can burn or dismantle their camps to resist their settlement. He also said that Sindhis can also block their entry offering resistance.

He said SNP announces to call APC in Karachi on 10 July to be chaired by party chairman Amir Bhambhro in which all  Sindh friendly parties including Mutehida will be invited. He also said that from July 1st Sindhi people will gherao IDP camp;s and launch struggle for their displacement from Sindh back to their homes. And in our efforts of survival whatever happened Sindh government will be held responsible for it.

He was accompanied with Dr. Uzma Jokhyo central president Nari Tehrik, Akhtar Sindhi and Shabbir Inqilabi.

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