Sindh Singers Association presents Award and worn crown to Abida Parveen

Imtiaz Gorar
LARKANA: Legend singer of subcontinent and Queen of Singing Abida Parveen was worn Crown by Sindh Singers Association to recognize her great services, renowned Singers jubilated and sung the songs to pay respect to her at Mega Musical concert at Larkana on Sunday night.
On the occasion Crown wearing ceremony was held, Chief Organizer Javed Brohi, Ashique Samu, Zahid Hussain Abbasi, Deputy Commissioner Shaheed Benazirabad Abdul Aleem Lashari and others wore the Crown to Abida Parveen on her head, great jubilation was carried out by Aatash bazi, former MPA Haji Munwar Ali Abbasi, Moazam Khan Abbasi, family members of Abida Parveen among her son Sarang Latif and two daughters including Sindhu participated in colorful ceremony, Madam Abida Parveen first time after 40 years visited in her home city Larkana to recall the memories and meet with her relatives and larkanians..
addressing on the occasion great Singer Abida Parveen said that it is great pleasure for me that our own people have invited to award the honor, I have visited the entire World but people of Sindh and its soil is different, She said that what ever 1 am today is because of prayers of my Murshid, contribution of hardworking is not as much, love and affection of people in every corner of world for me is really my asset.
On the occasion renowned Singer Ahmed Mughal, Shaman Ali Mirali, Shehla Gull, Tufail Sanjrani, Ashique Samu, Mumtaz Mulai, Sanwal Marool group, Shiraz Abbasi, comedian Sohrab Soomro, Ali Gul Malah and others performed in program.

State institutions behind the martyrdom of JSQM leader Maqsood Qureshi: Sanan

Imtiaz Gorar
LARKANA: JSQM Chairman Sanan Khan Qureshi said that State institutions were behind martyrdom of JSQM leader Maqsood Khan Qureshi and Salman Wadho to fail the Freedom March on 23rd March 20`14 at Karachi, FIR of incident was lodged against the JSQM activists among martyred Salman Wadho, he said this while addressing the press conference at Larkana Press conference, he further said that ASP Abrar Hussain raided at houses of JSQM activists at Ratodero city and arrested several local leaders and tortured them on 12th April for making failure the announced sit in at Behria on 13 April 2014.
He said that several Punjabi armed men opened firs on JSQM activists at Nawabshah, four JSQM workers were injured which is condemnable act, added that Police are targeting the JSQM workers in Sindh, he said.
Sanan Khan said that 3 FIRs have been registered against the 31 JSQM leaders and workers with out any reason, Police have arrested the parents of JSQM leaders which is atrocity of Police.
He demanded of government to immediately release the arrested JSQM workers and their relatives.

Orientation meeting about health of mother and child

Imtiaz Gorar
LARKANA: Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) in collaboration with Integrated Health System Strengthening System (IHSAS) arranged a orientation meeting at Taluka Hospital Ratodero regarding the health of mother and child here on Sunday.
More than 15 Religious Scholars of different Union Council including UC Behman, UC Waris Dino Mashi, UC Lashari, UC 1 and 2 Ratodero and others participated in program, during the orientation meeting Religious Scholars exchanged their views about the health issues of mother and child.
Speakers among Social Organizer Manohar Lal, District Manger SRSO Abdul Latif Soomro, Hafiz Faqeer Tarique Hussain, Program Officer Majid Khan Pathan and others highlighted the health issues of women and child, they said it is high time to aware the public about the basic health issues and in order to avoid incidents, t we should educate guardian of women to get pregnant women vaccinated and save the lives of child and They said that SRSO and IHSAS have taken commendable initiative to mobilize the women folk at different villages and motivate the rural community to undertake the social development activities with formation of Community and Villages by ensuring quality Maternal, Newborn, Child Health Care and Family Planning services under Pay for Performance contract in two districts of Sindh; Shaheed Benazirabad and Larkana covering a population of 2.778 million, prime adjective of the project is improve health service delivery contracting out in
Pakistan for Maternal Newborn and Child Health Service SRSO would form the 1129 health committees (HC) in district Larkana through social mobilization strategy.

Imtiaz Gorar
LARKANA: Aadil Khan Unar eldest son of former provincial minister Sindh and Chieftain of Unar tribe was worn Turban of Unar tribe in Larkana by tribal heads of different communities including chieftain of Unar tribe and others here at Ali Abad of Taluka Bakrani district Larkana on Sunday.
Thousands people from all corners of Sindh and Baluchistan witnessed the Turban wearing ceremony, on the occasion Syed Sher Muhammad Shah who is also Murshid of Unar family gave first layer of turban cloth, followed by Chief Sardar Jam Fero Khan Unar, Jam Sardar Saleem Khan, Mir Changaiz Khan Panhwar son of Mir Manzoor Panhwar, Ghulam Umar Unar, Zulqarnain Unar, Captain Adeel Unar and other notable chieftains of different communities participated in ceremony.
Speaking at event Aadil Khan Unar successor after the death of his father Haji Altaf Hussain Unar said that it is big responsibility on his shoulder to address the problems of people of his areas, added he will continue the ancestral tradition of Unar family to serve the people and protect their rights.
New heir akin of Unar tribe thanked to all guests and community people for extending support.
An old Cap and turban of late Ghulam Umar Khan Unar was handed over to new tribal head Aadil Khan Unar.
It is pertinent to mention after the death of former provincial minister Sindh Haji Altaf Hussain Unar, differences have been intensified amongst the Unar family over the matter of heir akin, Allah Bux Khan Unar alias Dado Unar an eldest nephew of late Haji Altaf Hussain Unar and another his nephew Shafqat Hussain Unar son of Haji Ghulam Hussain Unar are claiming to be heir of turban, Shafqat Hussain Unar few days back has worn the turban while Allah Bux Unar alias Dado has announced to wear the turban next month May 2014.

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