Court Violation: Three murders of women Jirga settle by former Prime Minister of Pakistan

SHIKARPUR: The (Traditional Court) Jirga was held here at Shaikh Farm on Monday to settle the matter of murders of three women under the supervision of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mir Zafarullah khan Jamali.
According to Jirga verdict, Abdul Qader Jamali was found guilty in the murder case of three women, accused Abdul Qader Jamali will have to pay rupees 5.30 million to the complainant Aurangzaib Pathan in total against the compensation.
In details, rupees 1.20 million for each deceased woman, rupees 0.60 million for each baby of two pregnant deceased women and rupees 0.50 million against the act of attack on the house of complainant Aurangzaib Pathan were imposed fine on the accused Abdul Qader Jamali. Thus rupees 5.30 million were imposed fine on accused in total.
It may be recalled that as a result of ongoing family dispute developed between the Aurangzaib Pathan (the father in law) and Abdul Qader Jamali (son in law), accused Abdul Qader accompanied with his companions entered the house of his father-in-law Aurangzaib situated near police line Shikarpur and shot dead his wife Musamat Aamina, Musamat Feroz Begum his mother-in-law and Musamat Naghma the wife of his brother-in-law Sadam Hussain Pathan some four years ago in the year of 2011.
The ongoing dispute developed between eh Pathan and Jamali communities over the murders of three women was ended after the Jirga was held by Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali on Monday here.
Rupees two lac were paid to Aurangzaib Pathan the complainant by the accused Abdul Qader Jamali on the occasion.
While the remaining amount of the fine money will be paid by the accused to the complainant in three instalments.

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