A seminar organized by Sindh National Party here on Friday has condemned attack on journalist Hamid Mir and has opposed ban on Geo group.
The speakers criticized the role of Geo and Jang group adding that it has never been fair with Sindh and its people yet they were not in favour of limiting freedom of media.
The seminar which was addressed by chairman Sindh National Party Amir Bhambhro, central leaders Ashraf Noonari, Dilshad Bhutto,Ishaq Mangrio president of Hyderabad press club, senior journalists Abdul Hafeez Abid and Iqbal Mallah, HRCP coordinator Dr. Ashothama, Azhar Jatoi president Sindh Hari Committee, Mir Alam Mari general secretary of JSQM, Noor Ahmed Katiar of Qaumi Awami Party and others.
The speakers criticized Urdu media adding that Sindh and Balochistan are out of their agenda. Ashraf Noonari said Urdu media is biased and it was under control of its political owners.
Sindhis can sacrifice for their Topi and Ajrak but when a Sindhi president Zardari wore Sindhi Topi on his foreign visit Urdu media made attacks on our culture. Likewise Sindhis would never tolerate attack on unity of Sindh but Urdu media gives more coverage to those talking of division of Sindh.
There is no Sindhi in their talk shows.Punjabis take part in shows to even discuss Sindh’s issue of water, KBD etc. The speakers said it was Jang which termed the bill of Sindhi language with dead body of Urdu and thus fanned the ethnic riots in Sindh.
They said it is Urdu media that gives 3 hours coverage to one man who climbs on tree but ignores millions march of Sindhis in Karachi. It is not ready to take names of terrorists though it knows them.
They were of the view that media in Pakistan was never free and fair yet they were against ban on any channel.
The seminar passed resolutions asking Urdu media to be fair with Sindhis and stop step motherly treatment with them; end of concept of pages on regional basis that was attack on unity of Sindh; inviting Sindhi intellectuals in them talk shows; condemned supremacy of one media group calling it as media martial law; payment of wages to journalists under wage board and end of corruption in media and media should be professional in its programs instead of only commercial.

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