Three villagers were kidnapped from village Abdoo within the jurisdiction of Chak police station on Saturday morning.
Five villagers including Nasrullah Mahar, Imran Bhayo, Ayaz Mahar Danish Qureshi and Aftab Mahar were kidnapped by some group of unidentified armed men when they were on a work ususally on the link road.
The kidnappers left two of the kidnappees named Nasrullah Mahar and Imran Bhayo on the way near a crop of Juwar. While the three other villagers identified as Ayaz Mahar, Danish Qureshi and Aftab Mahar were taken away with them by foot towards unknwon place.
No FIR was registered till this news was flashed.

PPP poor people and grass root level political party always renders sacrifices: MPA Meer Abid Bhayo

PPP MPA Meer Abid Hussain Bhayo has said that Pakistan People’s Party was the only National Political Party of Shaheeds and the poor people who had always rendered their sacrifices for solidarity of the party and restoration of democratic across in the larger interests of the people in the country therefore there was no any question arising for the party leadership and the workers to accepts any pressure developed by anti PPP forces to compromise either on the principles or to damage the party discipline at any cost.
Addressing the press conference here at bhayo house on Friday he has further said that was one other opposition political parties including Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz Sharif (PML-N) which was bent upon to continue the non-democratic practice of political victimization through adopting the un toward tactics to malign
the political image of the PPP leadership and damage the individual public reputation of the PPP leadership . But all it’s conspiracies against the Pakistan peoples party would be failed at every stage for which all the party leader ship workers and the democratic minded people of the country would never avoid of offering their sacrifices for solidarity of the party and stability of the democratic process in the country .
Therefore the Nawaz League leadership should stop it’s anti-democratic policy of political victimization at the level of party politics and local polices to continue the democratic process in the larger interests of the integrity of the country and welfare of it’s nation.
MPA Meer Abid Hussain Bhayo while expressing his great resentment over the blockade of the entry routs towards the Bhayo House Shikarpur and at Jagan House of MPA Mir Abid Hussain Bhayo and PPP District President Mir Babal Khan Bhayo made through Rangers on behest of PML-N ruling party leadership since last 5 – 6 days aimed at creating confusion between the PPP supporting people and the district party leadership inorder to involve the respectable family of Mir Babal Khan Bhayo MPA Mir Abid Hussain Bhayo and his honourable and reputable relatives and their friends in immoral and criminal activities as to damage their political and personal reputation as they belonging in Pakistan People’s Party.
Being the PPP workers MPA Mir Abid Hussain Bhayo said he himself and his brother Mir Babal Khan Bhayo the PPP District President and other family members believed in rule of law and opposed the all kinds of criminal and anti-social activities in the district Shikarpur as well as in other districts of the province. While he and his family members had ever engaged their efforts to discourage the criminal activities and wanted peace and tranquility to provide relief to the people in the areas. So he requested to the PPP central and provincial leadership as well as Chief Minister of Sindh and IG police Sindh for intervention to raise the blockade of Bhayo Houses besieged by the Rangers.
Besides he had given option to Rangers and other armed forces to raid on the areas where they had traced the criminal wanted to police and rangers for arresting and he and his relatives would also offer their support to meet the operation purpose against the outlaws because he as a notable of the areas wanted to clean the area from the outlaws.
On the other hand MPA Mir Abid Hussain Bhayo while protesting over the blockade of Bhayo Houses he clarified that any criminal has their own sources to establish their hide outs at any area of the districts on one side and on the other side the criminal elements were not belonging to any notable families of the areas or the political parties to avail the shelter. It was very clear that our family was very reputable and honourable so there could not be arised a question to give shelter to any criminal community which was creating law and order problem in their areas.
He however said that he and his other relatives and friends were the devoted workers of the PPP who would face the all problems as creating by the anti-PPP political forces created through Rangers and other Government Machinaries as like as faced by his Shaheed MNA Mir Altaf Khan Bhayo in 1991 with courage. But no one would be permitted to harm the party discipline at any cost.

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