Quomi Awami Tahreek stages three day protest camp against the arrival of ID

On central call of Quomi Awami Tahreek – QAT, Quomi Awami Tahreek District Dadu organized three day protest camp on Wednesday in Dadu town to protest against arrival of Internally Displaced Persons – IDPs in Sindh, terrorism, acute shortage of irrigation water, prolonged electricity load-shedding, corruption, lawlessness and destruction of education and health in Sindh.
Quomi Awami Tahreek (QAT) protest camp was led by Imtiaz Jatoi, Mumtaz Bhand, Ali Abass Solangi and Others.
Addressing to protest camp, Quomi Awami Tahreek leaders told that PPP government had allowed thousands of IDPs into Sindh, it was attempt to convert Sindhis into minority.
They said that due to arrival of thousands of IDPs in Sindh, terrorism activities will be increased. They further said that acute shortage of irrigation water, thousands acres of agricultural land became barren and thousands of acres of crops were dried up. They said that prolonged electricity load shedding made the lives of citizens miserable and people became psycho patients. They said athat that law and order situation became even worsened as we are near to EID and criminals became active and numbers of motorcycle bikes were being snatched every day. They added that numbers of government schools were lying closed, government should take efforts to reopen them.

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