Dead bodies of three laborers recovered after eight days

Dileep Doshi Lohano

THARPARKAR: Finally the death bodies of three labourers have recovered from the well after continuous hard struggle of locals and government machinery, who were buried alive eight days ago during the digging of a well of local NGO Thardeep Rural Development Organization (TRDP).

Dr. Mahesh Kumar Malani, member provincial assembly and district president PPP Tharparkar reached at village Oniro and paid condolence with the parents of demises Altaf, Mansingh and Raichand here on Thursday.

Dr. Mahesh Malani assured the parents for job and financial assistance by government for the families of demise. All the non-government organization including TRDP will be kept to assure and avoid using sub-standard material in the projects and schemes, he added.

Parents of decease Raichand have said that the accident had occurred owing to supply of sub-standard material by TRDP and till the date there is no any aid and support has been provided by said organization.

It is very interesting to mention here that TRDP organization has proudly expressed its work on Child protection and has gotten various projects in the name of child protections. The so called work done can see on organization’s website also but on ground scenario is changed; two child labourers were working in the well project of TRDP, which comes under Child labour.

When newsman approached Mr. Zafar Iqbal Junejo, Chief Executive Officer of Thardeep Rural Development Organization to get his views over the situation but he refused to talk and switched off his cell phone.

22 years lady commits suicide

Dileep Doshi Lohano
A 22 years old married lady Mrs. Melee Bheel of village Dori committed suicide by hanging herself in tree. Lady was married eight months ago. Parents of woman have showed their suspect on family of husband to kill her. They have demanded to arrest the responsible persons.
Mithi Police has lodged the case on the application given by parents of woman. Police has arrested the husband Mangal Bheel and father-in-law and has begun the enquiry of matter.

Drought like situation in Tharparkar – death toll reached up to 26

Dileep Doshi Lohano
Drought like situation has been happened in Tharparkar district due to lack of rainfall, shortage of food and malnutrition problems has been arisen.
Due to drought condition, day by day water level of wells in Tharparkar is going to low level, which may create the worst situation in coming future. Ground water is main source of drinking water for the people and animals in this region in the shape of wells, hand pumps, tube wells.
In last 23 days of this month, 26 lives have been lost in civil hospital Mithi and many new born babies are under risk in different hospitals of the district.
Commissioner Mirpurkahs has taken the notice of situation and issued the directions to District Health Officer Tharparkar to impose the emergency in all the hospitals of district to meet any situation.
On the other hand, new appointed doctors have said that their salaries have not been issued since the appointment. When the problem was shared with Dr. Jalil Bhurgri, DHO Tharparkar then he replied that Sindh government has raised only 2.3 million rupees in the budget, which is insufficient amount.

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