Sameer Nazir
KARACHI: Coordinator to Chief Minister of Sindh, Ms Nadya Gabol has said that the labor is the economical back bone of developed country and without their participation progress is a day dream in development and prosperity of any country.
This she said in a statement to mark the International Labor Day on May 1st.
She paid tribute to the workers who lost their lives during duty in factories, mills, and other places due to any mishapes.
She said that the Labor Day is being observed internationally to express solidarity with the labor and to remind them that they are not alone in any circumstances.
She said that the condition of labors in Pakistan is not good now but they are being respected for every section of society. Pakistan like countries experienced fruitful struggle in every walk of life due to un counted struggle of workers.
She said that the PPP considered labor as major part of peoples power and always proved to stand with them by providing jobs and relief to the poor people, due to strategic policies of PPP, Pakistan is enjoying foreign investment, resulting thousands of people getting employment.
She regretted that a section of investors and industrialist deprived poor labor from their fundamental rights by not paying sanctioned salary to them, result increase in social evils in society.
She informed that for the welfare of poor labor various governmental welfare departments like EOBI, SESSI and other are working round the clock for the welfare of poor labour to provide them fundamental necessities.
She appealed to the industrialists and businessmen to get register their workers from EOBI and SESSI like department so that the fundamental facilities like health treatment and pension may be provided to them easily.

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