Khaksar Tehreek & PML-N celebrates Youm=e-Takbeer in Larkana

Imtiaz Gorar
Youm=e-Takbeer was observed in Larkana like other parts of country with national zeal and fervor on the day by PML=N and Khaksar Tehreek Pakistan here on Wednesday.
On the occasion, arranged separate programs to mark the day with rallies and speeches in Larkana. President PML=N Larkana Babu Sarfraz Khan Jatoi, Aftab Ahmed Bughio, Dr Saleem Mirani and other local leaders saluted to Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for making Pakistan a nuclear capable country and making it first Islamic state having nuclear deterrence.
Addressing on the occasion speakers said that owing to bold and historic decision of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Pakistan joined the prestigious of the nuclear power by conducting 5 nuclear tests on 28th May 1998 in response of India.
They said that entire nation is great full to all nuclear scientists for raising the Pakistan,s strategic status in the comity of nations signified principle of self reliance.
They said that present PML N government in center is striving hard to address the all national crises and pull out the country from economical crises.
While, Khaksar Tehreek Pakistan (KTP) Larkana chapter took out the jubilation rally to celebrate Youm=e-Takbeer on the eve of Day, Pakistan became Nuclear power and further making country a stronghold of Islamic world.
Nazim-e-Aala Sindh province Khaksar Tehreek, Azam Haider led the rally, which started from Lahori Muhalla Larkana, marched through various routes reached at Larkana Press Club.
The participants of rally were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans of long live Pakistan.
Speaking on the occasion Azam Haider said that “we pay rich tribute to our great scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan for making nuclear power” the country to live with dignity and respect, added that he is national Hero of country we salute him.

Retired Post master spent Rs0.3 million on cases for recovery stolen valuables

Imtiaz Gorar
66 year old Mazhar Ali Qadri retired Post Master resident of Ratodero city District Larkana continued his protest and token hunger for recovery of stolen valuables of Rs 0. 5 million here in front of Larkana Press Club on here Wednesday.
Protesting man was carrying the placard inscribed slogans in favor of his longstanding to recover the stolen demand valuables and arrest the involved accused.
Talking to media men Mazahar Ali Qadri told the Journalists that former Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan had taken notice of his matter few years back and ordered to Police for recovery of stolen valuables but despite of passing several months, local Police failed to obey the Court orders and did not arrest the involved accused. He said his house was looted and stolen the valuables worth of Rs 0.5 million from his house by accused, who were nominated in case among Nizakat Channa, Nisar alias Makhno Channa, Shahzad alias Arbelo Channa but concerned Police were reluctant to arrest the accused, wondering in Ratodero city.
He informed that so far he has spent Rs 0.3 million on cases for recovery of stolen valuables and arrest of accused but still he has failed to get justice for past 5 years, he said.
He appealed to Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan Tasaduq Hussain Jilani to take notice of matter and provide him justice, otherwise he would continue his struggle.

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