Sameer Nazir

KARACHI: Taliban elements have threatened the Lawyer fraternity man former Standing counsel for Pakistan and NAB special prosecutor Advocate High Court for human to stop human rights activities, Egnlish learning education and other social services, He is facing regular threats to vacate areas immediately, otherwise face further consequences.

According to, Kazi Law Associate Advocate High Court social activist Mukhtiar Hussain Kazi along with his team facing killing threats and other consequencies due to his services providing legal human rights and English learning in the far flung areas.

He told that the some elements threatened him, if continued human rights services particularly English language education/awareness in the remote areas they may be killed, while they have received regular threats and halt their services and concerened projects.

On the occasion, Lawyers fraternity among Mukhtiar Hussain Advocate showed a letter written by banned organization Tehreek Taliban Pakistan, he expressed that some elements now following their activities and received various threats along with family that they will be murdered due to human rights and English educational activities.

TTP stoped the social services of his workers and followers in the areas, they were working in the different areas and asked for withdrawal of English education and other social services in Karachi and other parts he told.

He appealed the authorities’ concerened to protect him and his family along with Kazi Law Associates workers, working for the betterment of society for a long.

He also told that unknown persons were following and chased their activities for a week, which is obviously noticed several times that the persons have threatened for killing of him he said.

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