Imran & Qadiri responsible for reinforcing Article 245

Imtiaz Gorar
Central PML F Leader and Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imtiaz Shaikh has said that Imran Khan and Allama Tahir ul Qadiri are responsible for reinforcing of Article 245 and deployment of Army in Islamabad, at present country is passing through critical juncture of history, Pak Army is engaged in operation against the terrorists to protect the nation, political leaders instead of supporting the armed forces they are staging long march and sit in, he said this addressing the press conference here at Larkana Press Club on Tuesday.
Imtiaz Shaikh further said that “ we should support the Pak Army who are combating against the terrorism and protecting the masses” added that political leaders instead of supporting the armed forces they are hatching conspiracy to overthrow the elected democratic government of PML N, Imran Khan had accepted the results of general election 2013 and now demanding the midterm election which is unacceptable, he said.
PML F leader Imtiaz Shaikh said that Allama sahib claims to bring revolution in country is beyond our wisdom, we will not let to derail the democracy and they should adhere the dialogue with present government to address their issues, adding that protest and demonstration is right of every one but it does not meant to topple the constitutional government, he said.
To question about the law and order situation, he said that Sindh is facing the worst law and order problem, particularly in Shikarpur district where Police constables have been recruited on political ground and seats being sold at 0.6 million, how law and order situation will be maintained in Shikarpur and other parts of Sindh.
Earlier PML F Leader Imtiaz Shaikh visited the Abbasi House and offered condolence with former MPA Haji Munwar Ali Abbasi and former Senator Dr Safdar Ali Abbasi over sad demise of their mother Begum Dr Ashraf Abbasi.

Imtiaz Gorar
Larkana Police claimed to arrest the three oil thefts among two Police cops involved in stealing oil from PARCO pipeline near Fatehpur village Larkan and found 15 drums of Oil and Tractor trolley here on Tuesday.
According to details: Dhamrah Police led by SHO Akhtiar Jagirani raided near Fateh pur village and arrested the three accused allegedly red handed when they were stealing the oil from PARCO pipeline, on the occasion Police seized 15 drums of Oil and Tractor trolley from possession of accused, the arrested men were identified as Police constable Ghulam Haider Shar, PC Irshad Zangejo and Ramzan Kango. Police have registered the case and started the further investigation of matter.

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