Waheed Phulpoto
One notorious dacoit was killed while the other was arrested by shikarpur district police during an encounter on shikarpur-Sukkur national highway within the jurisdiction of Jahan Khan Police Station on Tuesday early in the morning.
Some group of six armed dacoits were attempting the road robbery near Jahan Khan when the patrolling police party reached there.
The attempt to commit road robbery was foiled by police while encountering with the dacoits. As a result of exchange of fires one of the dacoits identified as Raja Shar Resident of Waqeel-jo-Bagh shikarpur was killed and one of his accomplices identified as Mehboob Khaskheli Resident of Garhi Khero district Jacobabad was injured and arrested by police, when the other dacoits were slipped away from the place of incident.
Two Kalashnikovs were recovered from the possession of the deceased and the arrested dacoits by police.
According to SSP Shikarpur Javeed Jiskani, the deceased dacoit Raja Shar and the arrested dacoit Mehboob Khaskheli were wanted to shikarpur district police in 14 registered cases including road robberies, Murders, kidnapping for ransom, rape, Police encounters and other heinous crimes.
The two FIRs were registered against the deceased and the arrested dacoit by SHO Jahan Khan Police Station Altaf Bhayo on behalf of state at Jahan Khan police station under crime numbers 72-73/2014.