Thari Youths observed protest rally against NGOs working in Tharparkar

Dileep Doshi Lohano
Thar Nojwan Itihad a group of unemployed youths marked a protest rally here on Tuesday against the appointments of outsiders by Non government organizations (NGOs) in different projects.

Protest rally comprising of large numbers of youth led by Salim Samejo and Ajiz Iqbal Kunbhar started from Government Degree College Mithi and reached at Thar press club Mithi.

Participants raised the different slogans written play cards and banners in their hands and chanted slogans against the NGOs.

Salim Samejo, youth leader of Thar Nojwan Itihad was of the views on that occasion that different NGOs working in Tharparkar are being hired outsiders in different projects, but the doors of employments for Thari youths has been closed.

He said Thari youths have lodged many protests for their rights and Deputy Commissioner of Tharparkar has also written a letter to all NGOs for appointment of local youths in projects, despite of that the NGOs lords are not ready to accept the genuine right of youths.

Ajiz Iqbal Kumbher addressed the rally that an impartial inquiry and study may be conducted by a neutral person about the appointments in NGOs then all the real facts will come out. 90% employees working in NGOs of Tharparkar are outsiders, he added.

He further said he and his colleagues are not against the outsider friends but they are fighting for their own rights and its their genuine issue regarding the jobs.

Participants were of the views that if NGOs do not change their way towards Thari youths then the range of protest would be exceeded.

On the other hand Asif Ikram, Deputy Commissioner, Tharparkar has directed once again in his press note that the NGOs must appoint Thari youths on priority basis in different projects.

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