IDPs Influx in Provinces

Sarah Mughal

The protests staged by Nationalists parties in Sindh, against the arrival of IDP’s is not only heart wrenching but also outrageous. The stance of Sindh and Punjab over providing shelter to IDP’s had already been a disappointment but staging protests on the entrance of Internally Displaced persons, takes it to the level of absurdity.
The protestors may have a valid point when they say that militants can disguise themselves as IDP’s and can enter the other provinces, but this isn’t entirely the issue. It has been told by the Nationalist leaders that apart from the fear of terrorist passage, if the IDP’s keep coming in Sindh, the settlers will reduce Sindhis in minority.
It is sad to see the nationalists playing politics when about 1 million people will be displaced from their homes so that the rest of the country can breathe in terrorism free air. If the nationalist believe that the entrance of IDP’s is violating any state/provincial policy, they can inform the relevant authorities to take the required measures to deal with the situation.
Let’s not forget that these people who we now refer to IDP’s, have been the victim of terrorism and been trapped in their areas under the rule of terrorist for years now because authorities turned the eyes towards the situation when terrorists were busy taking charge of the areas.
They deserve our protection and support; instead what they are getting is excruciatingly distressful.

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