Man-made Geometry not the Geometry of Nature

THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi…. (Topics series)

In the first place it may be taken as an axiomatic truth that although the knowledge of Man, in whatever form it exists, is the result of his direct observation of Nature, his calculations and measurements, his “formulae” and “equations” his “mathematics” and “geometry” in fact in whatever manner he deals with or interpolates with lifeless matter for the purpose of utilizing it, are the products of his own conventions and conveniences. Nature has nothing to do with or learn from these products of his intelligence, nor it is that the Design of Nature has been built on these instruments of information. On the other hand it is obvious that Nature must possess “geometry” and “mathematics” of its own, also “formulae” and “equations” of its own for the purpose of perfecting its own design. Nature’s Units of Measurements and Methods of calculation must thus be radically different from these man-made devices, besides being much more comprehensive more accurate and applicable to the “ Nature” of matter. If Man has made anything from natural objects it must have been that Nature calculated that beforehand and that it was mere chance.

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