Mobile Phobia in youngsters

Shumaila Altaf
(Student of IIUI)

21st Century starts with the innovations of technology which changes the standard of living completely. The most popular and spectacular innovation of 21st century is cellular phone and Internet, which came on the scene in the last decade of 20th century but became most wanted on the beginning of 21st century. Today almost everyone is enjoying these wonderful innovations of modern world. More than 125 million Pakistanis using mobiles. Mobile Phone Culture is the most widely used term in the present era. Mobile phone has affected almost
every field of life but its effects on students’ learning particularly at university level are deep and in multidimensional and multifarious. Our youngsters have been completely mesmerized and hypnotized by this magical device. Mobile phone playing a vital role in decreasing distance and increasing communication. It has made the people closer and closer day by day. It has increased the rate of telling lie among students. It has also put everlasting impacts on our culture. Mobile companies introducing a number of packages to attract especially young boys and girls. There are different SMS packages accompanied with hourly talk packages. As a result, young generation of our country wasting their time on mobiles and they are loosing their moral values. Always remember that unfair usage of any technology causes destruction. It is requested to parents, particularly to mothers that they should watch the activities of their children over mobile phones. Mobile Technology is no doubt a blessing of today, but misuse of these causing serious problems in our society.

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