BEGGARY: A drifting disease in Pakistani society.

Salima Aman

Beside other multifaceted ceaseless complications like dread attacks, street crimes, target killings, political issues of state, beggary is also a complex concern in Pakistani society which is drifting like a viral disease in the genes of people which move with generations over generations. Out of 170 million citizens of Pakistan 25million are involve in a profession of beggary. There seems to be increase in number of beggars on roads, railway stations, traffic signals, footpaths or in a corner of street. Beggary in our society captured every age class that involve man, women, elderly people, teenagers, and specially targeted category of children. They navigate from one car to other car or vehicle, knocking the windows and doors until you pay attention to them. They wait for signal to turn red colored, jump and spread around vehicles. Although it is very panic for some citizens to lookout handicapped people and thousands of hands in a crowed to be overlooked, and it is also irritating when you see well physical bodied people begging and asking you for money. Beggary is becoming a part of culture in our society as the beggars think this is the most calmest way to earn money, yes poverty is also the root of beggary but youngsters and well physical bodied people can effort to earn and lane their families, but this disease has been injected in their bloods by parents, that they are born beggars and will die with the tag beggars. Elders taught theirs young ones to beg rather guiding them to do some labor, they just come to you gain sympathy by showing their disabilities and took money, and it is also unknown where the money goes from the handicapped people, while it’s a distinct topic. People will pay to first person, second person, third person but dozens of hands will come across you in markets, signals, footpaths, streets to whom will you pay, out of those thousand hands? It is puzzling and irritating for common people. Indeed poverty is the force behind which constrain them to beg but this is not the key for life time. It is the accountability of every individual of society to break this disease by helping them throw empowering those people who engage themselves in beggary activities by providing them with various employment and by bringing awareness and sprit of hardworking to change their lives. Oceans are ended by tiny droplets of water likewise large vicissitudes arise by minor changes.

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