Atom for Peace,not for War


The discovery of atomic energy has been one of the greatest discovery of the present century. Thedestructions caused by the atomic bombs led a revolution of feelings against the great scientific discovery. Science, which had always been regarded as instrument of human attainment, had degraded herself in the eye of world.
Scientist first of all, made up of atomic energy for distractivepurpose. They developed the atomic bomb which can destroy whole city and can kill millions of people in a short period of time.As we all know that two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan byUnited States during Second World War, killed thousands and destroyed vast area of land.
Researches on atom proved that man had discovered a power. Atomic energy can be of great benefit if it is used for peaceful purpose alone. Scientist have started using it for growth of society. Atomic energy promises to be the most powerful instrument in the future welfare of humanity in 19thcentury. The United States more or less enjoyed the monopoly of the atomic knowledge. Hence if it was desired that atomic energy should be use foe peaceful purpose. It was necessary that United State should take the lead in offering assistance and corporation in this project. In1950, United States’ president invited the countries of the world to corporate and assist in exploiting atomic energy for the benefit of mankind. InUS, atomic energy was being used with flattering result in agriculture,industry,power production and medicine.As for desire,Pakistan atomic energy commission is the recipient of large assistance from the United States for training and research in peaceful use of this tremendous source of energy and power.It is not correct to say that scientific invention retard peaceful progress towards distraction. Nothing is bad in itself, but it matters how a thing is used either in a positive way or a negative way.

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