A woman behind every successful man?

Iqra Arshad

This may be a little hard to digest initially but I feel it’s true to some extent. Success of a man is in the hands of the woman associated with his life mainly in the form of a wife. In case of single men, mothers could also have a vital role in this regard. However, my focus here is mainly on housewives.
This in no way means I am giving credit to women right away for the success of a man. What I am trying to emphasize is the fact that women play a vital role in making it easier for them to walk up the rungs of the success ladder.
By successful men, I do not mean CEOs of multimillion organizations, or those gentlemen who are minting money, or sitting at high posts. By a successful man I mean any average gentleman who is working hard, earning his living, providing well for his family, doing justice to his work, and most importantly who is content with what he is doing. A person who’s heart and mind are at peace both at work and at home.
It does not mean that those who face stress at work are not successful. Successful men are ready to face challenges and handle stress with their positive energy, the source of which may largely originate from their homes. In essence, success is not a measure of the designation or post or even bank balance. It is a measure of inner satisfaction, mental peace, a happy life, and motivation and good spirit to face challenges related to even extremely tough situations at work.
Men apparently are a symbol of strength. They may appear to stand up strong in times of stress and trial, but after all they are human beings and need emotional support. This is where a strong willed, supportive wife may contribute, by being at his side, assuring him that he is not alone. Words may not be necessary, but positive energy released by positive attitude may suffice.
Here, I am compelled to mention the example of Prophet Muhammad (saws), who although being ‘The Chosen One’ by The Divine being, was shattered and extremely nervous when he received the first revelation. The support and the strength that he received from his beloved wife Hazrat Khadija was a stepping stone in his prophet hood. She was the source of encouragement and solace in the time when no one believed in him.
Women of today can definitely not be like such great women as the wives of the Prophet, but they can at least try to imitate the finer qualities that those women possessed. In order to provide that strength and support, women first need to be strong themselves. They then need to learn to be tolerant and patient, and take charge of the home situation to release that positive energy that is so essential to tackle tough situations.
There are quite a few things that can be done to be ‘The Woman’ behind the successful man. As I mentioned earlier, success or contentment is a result of mental peace which helps to focus on goals and targets in a better way. For this, the most important thing is the home environment. It is totally in the hands of a woman to keep the environment at home peaceful and serene.
The house should give a welcoming feel. A neat and tidy place with things on their proper places soothes mind passively. On the other hand, a chaotic setup adds up to the mental chaos.
Keep yourself and children presentable. It is always refreshing to see smartly dressed people. Over dressing is not suggested. Neat and tidy children and a well composed wife, adds to the happy aura of home. It in turn helps to relax and prepare the mind and body for the upcoming challenges at work the next day.
Try to finish off your household work before your husband returns home. Be there for him, sit together, chat casually over tea, and talk on light subject.
Be receptive. It is a great attribute to be a good listener. Sometimes, just hearing things out for someone sorts out a lot of issues. Give solutions if you are able to come up with any. Even if you cannot help in this regard, just providing moral support may be enough.
There will definitely be domestic issues that you may need help with. Do not bombard your husband with problems as soon as he comes home. Just throwing problems might not be of any use if he is already under pressure. Let him relax and settle down and then discuss your problems. It is also a good idea to have alternative solutions to problems thought out before hand.
All of this discussion lays emphasis on women to take charge of home. The idea is to keep husbands’ minds off from the unimportant domestic issues that can be handled by women alone. It does not mean that they should stay aloof from the problems that exist at home. Their involvement should definitely be there since a home is created by both the husband and wife working together. However, sharing responsibilities by taking charge of the home and letting your husband stay focused on his work will definitely lead to prosperity and growth.
A woman has a major role to play towards the success of a man, a good home environment, and eventually a happy society.

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