Asif Zardari terms ‘container drama’ a sponsored show

LAHORE: Former president and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-chairman, Asif Ali Zardari Monday said the ‘container drama’ is a sponsored show.

“The people have stopped watching TV soaps and started watching container drama,” he said while talking to PPP office bearers from Sahiwal sub-division who had called on him here.

He said if the other parties did not learn the politics of patience and reconciliation, we too would have to speak in their language.

“People’s Party is playing the role of a genuine opposition in Pakistan,” he maintained.

Later, the meeting took a dramatic turn, as the PPP workers from Okara started giving vent to their anger over their grievances. They also chanted ‘Go Wattoo Go’ slogan. This led the workers of Manzoor Wattoo and Ashraf Sohna to the verge of exchanging blows.

PPP Co-chairman, Asif Zardari had to intervene and advised the workers to observe calm and patience. “We have to face this embarrassment in front of the media,” he regretted.

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