All we are responsible in failures of education admitted Senior Minister Education

Imtiaz Gorar
Senior Minister for education Nisar Ahmed Khuhro presided over the high level meeting here at Commissioner office Larkana on Monday.

The meeting was attended by Commissioner Larkana, Deputy Commissioner Larkana, Director education Schools and Colleges, DEOs, Taluka Officers and others.

Provincial Minister admitted that ” we all are responsible behind the failure of education, we will have to make collective efforts to bring the reforms and ensure the attendance of ghost teachers.

He said that Sindh government is going to establish monitoring system in schools to ensure the attendance of teachers, he said that some vested interest people are defaming the education department and causing troubles, but such elements will be dealt with strict action.

Education Minister took notice of ransacking of newly established Biometric system in DEO office Larkana and directed the district administration to take action against the involved accused, he added that assailants were those, who opposed the system to avoid attendance in schools.

Nisar Khuhro directed the concerned officials of education department to keep the record of birth and death in schools of Larkana and increase enrolments.

Commissioner Larkana Ghulam Akbar Leghari briefed to minister about the established health and education monitoring unit at his office and said that a monitoring team comprising on 5 male and 2 female officials will enquire the attendance of teachers by phone.

Deputy Commissioner Larkana Javed Ali Jagirani, Directors of school and colleges, DEOs, Assistant Commissioner Larkana Masood Bhutto, Abdul Fatah Bhutto, Dr Sakina Gaad and others were present in meeting.

Imtiaz Gorar
The first meeting of newly formed “Task Force” comprising on Lawyers, Journalists, Police and other citizens to deal with early child marriage issues was held at local hotel Larkana under the chair of renowned social activist Rubina Chandio.
The meeting was attended by advocate Abdul Rehman Bhutto, Imtiaz Gorar, Hanif Suhag, Hafeez Mangi, Javed Gopang, Khalida Sahar Soomro, Inspector Zareena Chandio, Murad Pandrani and others.
Speaking on the occasion representative of Pirbhat Women Development Society Rubina Chandio, said that her organization in collaboration with OXFAM, AUHUNG and NOVAIB is working on “Bachpan Bachaoo” campaign (save the childhood) which aimed to sensitize the common people and make them aware for preventing early child marriages, she added that underage girls are facing many health issues after the weddings and during the pregnancy and delivery, she told.
Rubina Chandio said, Sindh child marriage restraint act 2013 has been passed by Sindh Assembly for controlling the early child marriages, but government has failed to get bill implemented in province, still premature marriages before age of 18th are in full swing, Police and district administrations were unaware,
She said that task force comprising on members from all walk of life among Lawyers, Journalists, Police and other representatives of civil society to combat the early child marriages incidents and collect the information on Union Council level and create the awareness among masses in this regard.


A large number activists of Jamiat-e-Talaba-Islam (JTI) chapter Shikarpur took out a protest demonstration against tragedy of Mastung on Monday.

Rally was led by JTI Convener of Sindh province Imdadullah Halejvi, Mian Muhammad Arif, JUI leader Abdul Fatah Mahar which marched through various roads culminated at press club Shikarpur.

Speaking on the occasion Imdadullah Halejvi, Mian Muhammad Arif, JUI leader Abdul Fatah Mahar has said that Baluchistan government has completely failed and Chief Minister of Baluchistan admit their defeat and should resign immediately.

Protesters strongly condemned atrocities on the Burmese Muslims.

Protesters demanded from the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif and other concerned authorities to take notice of the matter and should provide medical facilities and compensation to the heirs of the martyred.

On the occasion Masroor Ahmed Phulpoto, Muhammad Muneef Brohi, Zahoor Ahmed Qalandrani and Muhammad Hanif Shar were also spoke.


On international level Pakistan is declared as dangerous country for journalists especially in Sindh the state has let loose the reign of terror against journalists. A week ago world saw masked policemen beating journalists even within premises of Sindh High Court. Cameras of TV channels were broken and scores subjected to police torture. State police in Sindh which cannot combat terrorism who are killing innocent citizens by bomb blasts has now reverted to implicating journalists in false cases and booking them under anti terrorist act. One week after Karachi carnage in which 46 Ismaili Shias were killed and 4 days after 4 Hazara Shias were killed in Balochistan Sindh police to hide its failure to provide security of life to its citizens booked 11 journalists of Badin district of Sindh.Their only crime was that they had given media coverage to entourage of former home minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza during his visits of the district. Dr. Mirza belongs to same Pakistan Peoples Party which is ruling Sindh since last many years. Mirza once close friend of PPP chief and former president Asif Ali Zardari has now turned sides and was hurling accusations against Zardar Sindh police not only tortured journalists who had assembled outside Sindh High Court but also false cases at various police stations on 11 journalists including former president press club Badin Ghulam Murtaza Memon, Haji Khan Lashari president press club Talhar, Mehrddin Mari former president press club Golarchi,Dil Murad Mari from Golarchi,Niaz Ahmed Memon Pangrio,Shankar Lal Pangrio and Shafqat Hussain of Pangrio.

The protest demonstration was held in front of Hyderabad press club and was led by Tanvir Arain president press club Badin,former presidents Hyderabad press club Jaffar Memon, Mahesh Kumar and Ishaq Mangrio,general secretary Hyderabad Union of Journalists (Dastoor) Abbas Kassar,vice president Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Abdul Hafeez Abid, HUJ governing body members Yasin Rahi and Jehanzeb Katiar. The journalists who had arrived from Badin to participate in protest demonstration included senior vice president Badin press club,general secretary Abdul Latif Zargar. Former president BPC Murtaza Memon,Ashraf Abdullah Memon, Shaukat Ali Memon, Ashfaq Memon, Shakeel Ghanchi, Anees Memon, Noor Hassan Solangi, Muhammad Nawaz Channa, Shabbir Shaikh, Sawan Khaskheli andAbbas Khwaja,

The participants were chanting slogans against SSP Badin police who was accused as playing role of Munshi of rulers.The speakers made appeal to higher authorities to withdraw cases from upon journalists and ensure freedom of press in Pakistan.