VIP culture and law enforcement violates traffic rules by heavy siren/hooters

Sameer Nazir
A complete violation of traffic rules with illegal siren/hooters by officials of law enforcement agencies, they also humiliate and abuse common men and violate the rights in government tainted glass vehicles.
Unofficial use and transportation of government tainted glass vehicles and VIP culture made lives of common men in difficulties and confused the commuters by heavy siren and hooter lights over private and government vehicles wandering each and every corner.
The authorities violate equal rights of road users and silent spectators on illegal traffic violation, which promotes VIP culture day to day in country.
According to a survey, the officials particularly Law enforcement vehicles completely violate traffic rules, when higher authorities and officials in the land cruiser, Parado with police squad humiliate common men by threats and strictly abuse common men and even journalists witnessed.
Despite of an equal right of roads users, hundreds of time VVIP culture on vehicles equipped by double cabin security personals humiliate common men on roads, the law enforcement agencies and vehicles with siren/hooters violate the traffic rules and disrespect the common men in spite of this an equal right of road users.
The law is an equal for all, government particularly law enforcement agencies among Sindh police should change its behavior and in VIP culture in the higher officials, otherwise a hatred behavior spreads in the common men and no respect against the institutions as such.
It was also observed that a Pakistan Army or Navy officials Commander or General was on his way in a cue at Shahrah-e-Faisal ahead of his two heavy protocol bikes, but they all stopped at the signal with all other vehicles on road witnessed by this scribe on the occasion. The common men praised over this and condemned other government they violate the law they said.
Unfortunately, the law enforcement agencies and now some Ambulances have been observed to disrespect the value of siren and hooters, if there is any emergency to tune up the hooters, siren for speedy way to destination, they use such a mileage and there was no emergency one of survey conducted by this scribe also.
This scribe also observed one of official vehicle No. CS 7591 only driver inside running speedy with siren and hooters on main Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi, which was complete violation of government traffic rules even police and other Government vehicles observed violate traffic signals and standing mid of the way at various locations.
It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that the Traffic wardens completely failed to handle traffic but due to the corruption an open way forward for all public transport particularly Mini buses, while crossing the signals or breaks mid way at the stops at various locations.
Traffic police witnessed to stop Trucks/Trawlers, vans, buses and bikes in a mid way without taking care of the traffic flow; they themselves also violate the rules and collect Bhatta from each vehicle in routine.
It is also observed that traffic officers, wardens collects hundred and thousands from all the vehicles particularly Truck and Trawlers and others, which ultimately permits complete violation of traffic rules and overloading etc. A heavy corruption witnessed on the roads at every nook and corner of city by the traffic officials.

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