Sameer Nazir
A two-Member delegation consisting of Teshu Kondo, Consul and Security Officer, Consulate General of Japan and Maki Mizusawa, Asian & Oceanian Affairs Bureau called on Additional Inspector General of Police Karachi Ghulam Qadir Thebo at CPO today. The delegation remained there for some times and discussed matters of mutual interest.
Additional I.G. Karachi informed delegation about the working of Karachi police with special reference to ongoing targeted operation against terrorists and criminal elements. He said that the terrorists were targeting Karachi to destabilize the peace in the city. He said with the starting of Zarb-e-Azab Operation against terrorists by armed forces IDPs were coming to the Karachi for which special arrangements have been made. He said with the success of Zarb-e-Azsab Operation, IDPs will returned back to their native places.


Sameer Nazir
Chief Secretary Sindh Sajjad Saleem Hotiana has asked the Administrator KMC to immediately arrange the cleanliness and lighting in Jamia Masjid Ghousul Azam @ Orangi Town Bus Stop No.5, Sector 9-E and submit report by Jamat-ul-Wida. He issued these orders, while perusing the public complaints, with the specific reference to a request of Mr. Imtiaz Faran, the President of Karachi Press Club. Chief Secretary desired to take immediate action to get the issues resolved of the said mosque.
Meanwhile the Chief Secretary has advised the Commissioner Karachi to specially monitor the work of cleanliness and solution of municipal issues in respect of all Karachi based mosques Imam Bargahs and Eid Gahs which must be okayed before Jumat-ul-Wida. Chief Secretary categorically noted that no delay in this regard shall be avoided.

Sameer Nazir
The Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh Waqar Mehdi who was also the Information Secretary of PPP Sindh chapter has said that history is evident that PPP always has advocated, fought and rendered great sacrifices to protect the Human Rights.
He said that no other political party or group knows the values and importance of the Human Right better than PPP as it itself has became victim, its leaders, and workers were deprived from the Human rights during the dictatorial period in the country.
He said that PPP always has acted as custodian of Human Rights during in power and had struggled to protect it when been in opposition.
The Special Assistant said that PPP appreciated the spirit of the HRCP and said that the Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah held detailed meeting with their delegation and invited their proposals for the protection of Human Rights in better way.
The Special Assistant to CM said that targeted operation in Karachi has been launched under the demand of all political parties’ stakeholders, to return the peaceful atmosphere, protect the lives and properties of all citizens from the militant, extortionist, target killers and kidnappers.
He said that this targeted operation is going on across the board without any political discrimination. He said that during last meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan at Karachi all Political parties, business community not only supported but demanded for expediting the targeted operation. However he said the miseries of the people cannot be avoided, when such a huge targeted operation is being carried out in an urban areas.
Narrating the background thickly populated areas. Waqar Mehdi said that the menace of militancy , klashoncov culture, heroin , drug mafia , ethnic and religious confrontation and war which we are harvesting today were actually result of the seed sown during the dictatorship period of General Zia ul Haq.
He said that it was PPP that fought against these challenges to nation under the leader ship of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who did not compromised even on his life but kept the national cause as supreme.
He said that followed by the sacrifice of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto led this struggle who was twice deprived from her constitutional Govt and finally assassinated. He said that during the dictatorial period, hundreds of PPP leaders and thousands of its workers were picked up, tortured and even put on hot sand in hot desert for many months.
He said that PPP has experienced the hardship & atrocities and it know the value and importance of the Human Rights. Responding about impression about the Co- strategy of Federal and provincial Govt for target operation Waqar Mehdi said PPP was in power in provincial Govt and it was not responsible for any act of Federal govt. so far the matter of missing person and extra judicial killing was concern.
Waqar Mehdi said that every individual was aware of the fact that people have being kidnapped, tortured murdered and thrown away by opponent militant groups in the City due to their enmity or suspicious activities against each other. In this scenario holding responsible to LEAs for this crime, is not justified as the LEAs were protecting the people by keeping their lives at risk. How they reverse their duties? He questioned.
While commenting on the strength of Sindh Police, the Special Assistant to CM said the Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah had informed that 10,000 police personals have been recruited during Financial Year 2013-14 and additional 10,000 police personals would be inducted in the force during Financial Year 2014-15 and all will be provided latest training.
He said that everyone was aware that Sindh Govt has provided more than Rs 6 Billon to Sindh Police to purchase the bullet proof vests, helmets, vehicles and APV and now matter was in the court of Sind Police.
Besides, a scheme to provide safe and secure residential facilities to the police force within the compound wall of police stations was also in the pipe line.
While responding about the deployment of Rangers, Waqar Mehdi said that Rangers has not been permanently posted, but it was helping the Sindh Police till the metropolis is cleared from crime and criminals. While, responding the impression about having local bodies system.
The Special Assistant to CM Sindh said that PPP Govt was ready to hold local bodies elections and reiterated its intension in the APEX court many time and even gave the date of election but the delay in local bodies election was because of litigation initiated by the other stakeholders, He said that Sind Govt was launching the targeted operation in the City in the interest of common citizens, traders, Business Community, revival of its socio-economic activities and image in the world as such each individual and organization must to own it encourage it and cooperate with the Govt LEAs.
He said that we should have to support and extend help and place constructive suggestion to encourage the forces in the field not to give impression of criticism to discourage them, specially at the time when they are guarding the lives and properties of people and nation importance vital installations.

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