World Environment Day – Tree plantation for better environment

Mukesh Raja

Tharparkar: District Tharparkar- in Sindh province of Pakistan, is mostly comprised on desert, with some of the extended parts to agricultural planes and some to hilly areas. The district has around 1.5 million human population having livelihood dependence on rain-dependent agro-pastoral economy. The poverty rate is near seventy percent double than other districts of the country.
The World Food Programme agency has termed Tharparkar the most food-insecure area where 72.4% of the people are poor and categorized as the second-most poverty-stricken district, and fourth lowest district of the country as ranked in the Human Development Index.
Climate change affects in Thar have decreased the local food resources and also have adverse impact on livelihood, Said speakers in people’s voice sitting at Chachro, Tharparkar.
AWARE, an NGO hold public sitting every month in-front of local press club, where people share their problems and urge concerned authorities to have proper attention on basic problems of area.
ADO Education Chachro, Fateh Ali Rahimon said that, there is dire need to improve the quality of education in Tharparkar which will lead to the prosperity and development of the area. He further suggested that, It is time to take every stakeholder on boat for the improvement of education system in Tharparkar. “We are lacking the proper monitoring mechanism in education department”. ADO Education added.
Gotam Rathi, a social activist said that, hot weather, erratic precipitation and food insecurity are results of climate change. He emphasized over tree plantation in the area. He further said that district authorities should banned on illegal cutting of trees.
Fatima Sand, a social worker said that, we should promise not to cut tree anymore. Authorities should take serous notice and develop a transparent mechanism in order to save the forest and wild species of the area.
Gul Muneer Walhari, a writer told that, we should have to understand ourselves if we want to solve the matter, we have solution in our hands just we need consciousness.
Journalist Ilyas Rind pointed out that, it is really sad to share that we don’t have libraries in area. He urged education department to establish one library at least in every high school.
On the occasion lakho Rind, a villager complained that his agricultural land is grabbed by a social and political influential person.
Meanwhile, same complain was also shared by Sabu, another affeectes from village Rarli. Speakers talking in the gathering have shown their grief over mishap and exploitation of revenue department. They demanded to hold an inquiry on the subject.
Jan Mohammad Samon, AWARE representative told that, we should plant trees on the occasion of International Environment Day, and it’s our responsibility to take care of trees.
Reejho Meghwar, shared that, Chachro citizens do not have access to safe drinking water. As water is available in storage tanks but it is being sold on high rates.
On the occasion Anwar Bajeer, Mohammad Sharif Rahimon, Qalandar Rahimon, Arbab Ali bajeer, Sarwan Ghulabani, Illaudin Bajeer & other shared their opinion.

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