We revile forced conversion of Anjali Meghwar!

Sameer Nazir
KARACHI: Upgrade Minorities for Integrated Development (UMID) have condemned the abduction and then forcible conversion of a 12-year old Miss Anjali Meghwar (A Hindu Girl) in Daharki of Ghokti District in Sindh and demanded to arrest the culprits including the religious clerics who performed marriage of the dalit girl.

In the statement, Mr. Avinash Hari deplored that the police were not arresting the accused in the kidnapping case and the local court had sent the girl to Darul Aman in Karachi despite she stated in the court room that she wanted to go with her parents.

We think, it is spiteful extremism against Hindu Dalits in Sindh. Unfortunately, incidences against religious minorities are increasing regularly but there is no mechanism to deal with such issues, he said in his press statement.

Upgrade Minorities for Integrated Development (UMID) with its allied networks like Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, NEST, UNZILA, PDO, SPO, Actionaid and PILER have expressed their sufferings over the gruesome cases of rape, forced conversion, forced marriages and murder of young Hindu Dalit and other minority girls in Sindh and other parts of Pakistan. UMID forcefully demands that all those who are involved in the incident should be arrested immediately and Pirs, Sardars, Sarhandi and others, which are involved in such activities of forced conversions of minority girls in Sindh should be banned at once.

Finally, it is requested that forced conversion should be confirmed as a serious crime by enacting legislators. The provisions relating to forced conversion must be incorporated in the CRPC. It is indicated that local police officers, tribal chiefs, area influentials and politicians are responsible for not helping to minorities to recover their kidnapped community members. Since then, no measure, administratively or in legislatively, are planned for discussion in parliament. The government of Pakistan is humbly requested to seriously take up the issues of Pakistani minorities with immediate remedy. Minorities in Pakistan are not safe at all. The constitution is a supreme law and promises equality and freedom of faith to each and every citizen of Pakistan. These fundamental human rights only exist in papers and on lips only; in practice, they have been used by people with deep pockets and radicals for undermining the minorities of Pakistan. Let us make Pakistan a safe place for minorities by ensuring equal rights and freedom to faith.

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