Water purification scheme fails at Badin Water Filter Plants

Water Filter plants installed with amount of millions in various parts of Badin city have been found inoperative due indecent maintenance work & inappropriate timing of maintenance.
As per details, installed water filters plants in various parts of Badin city including Mohalla Siddique Kumbhar, Ward No 06, Cant road, Seerani road, & Golarchi road had been out of order from last couple of months.
The citizens of Badin city are made compelled to fetch contaminated & grimy water for consumption of their families. Citizens of Badin city, Shahbaz Ali, Ashfaque Ali, Muhammad Haroon, Abu Talib & others said that using the contaminated & filthy water would make a havoc situation in the city.
They demanded for the immediate maintenance work of the water filter plants & restoration on the prior base as citizen of Badin can be set aside from the fatal diseases which spread caused of filthy & grimy water.

263 candidates rush to submit documents for their job regularization in education department of Badin

Candidates begun to submit their documentation at DO education office after the announcement of the making regular teachers who were appointed in year 2012.
Earlier Provincial Education minister Sindh has announced to regularize the teachers who were got their employment in year 2012. In this connection more than 263 candidates have commenced to submit their documents it is known through reliable sources that each candidate is being made compelled to gift Rs. 500 to 800 for the documentation clearness.
Many of poorest candidates have been made disappointed in this connection. Other hand, some candidates in the terms to keep their name surreptitious, told media that education clerks are getting more than Rs. 500 from each candidate without reasons as an illegal amount for their documentation. Moreover, they shared that they are paying their duties on the contract basis from last many years.
They appealed to the management of education department to take serious notice of the issue & justice with NTS passed candidates.

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