SHIKARPUR: Two notorious dacoits were killed in an encounter took place between the dacoits and the police near at Nim Shaakh in the jurisdiction of Bado Police Station on Thursday.
The police party led by SSP Shikarpur Javeed Jiskani was on its way towards forest area to conduct raid on the hideouts of some notorious dacoits that on the way some group of five armed dacoits riding on their motorcycles coming from opposite side opened fires on police when the saw police coming towards them .
The police also fired on dacoits in reply. As a result of encountering with armed dacoits two of them notorious dacoits identified as Sono Marfani and Sikandar alias Siko Brohi were killed on the spot while three other dacoits managed well their escape on the motorcycles.
Police have recovered two Kilashni kovs and one TT Pistal from the possession of the deceased dacoits.
Speaking at the Press Conference held at Garhi Yaseen the SSP Shikarpur Javeed Jiskani informed the media men that the deceased dacoits Sono Marfani was notified with rupees of 1.00 million as his head money by the Sindh Government . While the other deceased dacoit Sikandar alias Siko Brohi was wanted to police in more than 25 heinous crimes including murder, road robberies, kidnapping for ransom and other offences.
The SSP also informed that during the encountering one of the gang member of deceased dacoits Sadam Marfani was also injured in exchange of firing who was took away by his other dacoits on their motorcycles.
The dead bodies of the dacoits were kept at Garhi Yaseen hospital but no any relatives of the deceased dacoits reached at the hospital to take over the bodies till this news was flashed.

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