Trash fishing continues in coastal belt of Sindh

Trash fishing is most important issue of Pakistan especially in Sindh province. Badin district in which two Tehsil including Badin and Golarchi known as the coastal belt area of the district. The negative coping strategy that people have adopted in response to challenges to their livelihood sources is that they have adopted negative fishing practices.
One of the most dangerous practices that have largely been adopted in the coastal area is to do trash fishing which emerges in the standing water ponds. Locally this type of fishing is called (Kitch fishing). This practices has threatened the natural cycle of various local fish species especially Ghullo, Sinri, Dayo, Popri, Ganer, Jhar, Dend, Desi Mundhi etc.
On an average of coastal belt areas people 1500 Kg trash fish in a month. On an average 5 million Kg trash fishing is done each year from these areas. As trash fishing business is linked with the poultry industry (i.e. preparation of feed for the poultry) hence, trash fishing is increasing gradually with the rapid scale up of the poultry business in the country.
On the other hand it has been recorded that around 6410 metric ton fishing is done in 2010 which shows extent of fishing business in the District.
Although there is law in place to control the non judicious fishing practices (i.e. Fisheries ACT, Government of Sindh) but there seems no any act upon it in the area.
On the other an expert of fisheries department said that due to trash fishing the species of fish is day by day decreasing in all over country. Due to that reason also found shortage of large fish which we use in food, oil, medicine and other purpose, also said expert, that if anybody who do trash fishing from sea, fresh water or any stagnant water, as per Sindh fisheries act 1980 if any people involved in that type crime then department will get arrest for 6 months and accused will bear penalty amount s. 10000/= which affixed by government.
The local community is also involved in this business because they don’t have alternate livelihood sources to fulfill the consumption needs of the family members. Provision of any alternate livelihood source will help in controlling this type of fishing and conserve the threatened fish species.
Inhabitants of Badin demanded from competent authority should instruct to fisheries department to implement fisheries act.

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