To sell electricity at a cost many times higher price by the authorities

Sameer Nazir

KARACHI: Pasban Pakistan, Karachi President Sheikh Mohammad Shakeel said that is not sold to the public free electricity, Cost more than the price is being sold then why do not reduce load shedding. Nawaz Sharif government promises to finish in six months outages sought votes from the public.

Through more than a year despite the reduction in load shedding duration has not.
He said that the government says we have no money to produce electricity, so answer to what the government is providing free power to the people.

He added that during the first six months of the current government to power generation companies have paid five hundred billion, critical information on which to receive heavy commissions.
He said that corruption has destroyed our economy and outages the original and the main reason is corruption.

When Pakistan’s economic hub Karachi twelve to fourteen hour loads shedding is going to be what then rest of the country?
He said that Sehar and Iftar during Ramadan to declare the load is not enough, but also during Ramadan to completely eliminate the load shedding to be announced. So fast at night during Ramdhan ul Mubarak their sleep and comfort to the acts of Worship.

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