THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi… (Topics series)

Men narrow international thinking has led him to suppose: –

That no field of his activity extends, as a matter of necessity, beyond this Earth.

That the resources of the Earth are primarily and entirely meant to make one nation dominate others and destroy the weak not meant human species intensively over every nook and corner of the Earth for the higher purpose.

That “struggle for the existence” is synonymous with Man’s international struggles, beyond which he is incapable of thinking.

That his solitary activity lies in the exploitation of lifeless matter of Earth for the purpose of making man strong against man.

That his investigations, by empiric methods about human and other life are meant for the preservation or amelioration of that life for the benefit of a particular group of human beings, the tackling of the great Problem of life for the purpose of solving its mystery with the object of becoming competent to create it, being a matter of mere academic interest, but not of vital importance for the ultimate elevation of evolution of Man to higher forms.

That life on Earth exists mainly for the purpose of consumption by Man as food, or for destruction as a defense measure.

That Man’s struggle for the existence as a species against the whole of nature for the purpose of capturing it is a far-fetched idea incapable of serious thought owing to extreme human limitations. Man has refused to think so far that the resources of this Earth are meant for the utilization of all mankind equally for the higher purpose than the mere loot that he is taking them to be.