This New Pakistani Startup Will Help Your Kids Take Classes Online From Home


In this internet age, almost everything is available online. Be it business or medical help, or some fitness training – you will find all these online. At the same time, one field, which is providing service at home, is online learning. Online academies around the world are providing education at home. One such startup has just become the pioneer in the field in Pakistan. Its name is WiseAcademia and it is aiming to revolutionize the education in Pakistan by providing O level classes and A level classes to kids at their homes.

Online learning is trending all over the world just like every other field associated with information technology. Parents can educate their children themselves through online learning or can get rid of extra tuition hours by opting for an online academy. WiseAcademia is an online academy, which is providing full-time education in O level classes, A level classes and is equally equipped with O level &A level teachers like any regular academy. Most modern parents are resorting to this due to many reasons, which make online education very useful.

Features of Online Academy

WiseAcademia has roped in best instructors from around Lahore to provide live interactive lectures to its students. It is offering all the basic subjects in both O level classes and A Level Classes. These subjects include Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English, Islamiyah and Pakistan studies. Students don’t have to bend their bags by carrying heavy books in their bags to school. Parents have neither to worry about their kids pick and drop nor safety outside the home. WiseAcademia is providing online learning at home for your kids when accessing a good school which offers O and A level education is difficult.

Benefits of Online Learning

WiseAcademia is the first in the field but it surely won’t be last.  This initiative is bound to revolutionize education in Pakistan. The online learning service can offer great help to parents of disabled children as well. Because now they don’t have to worry about special arrangements to send their child to school. It also has an edge over conventional schools when it comes to progress monitoring by parents. Because while their kid can access all learning material on their computer, parents can access their progress on their smartphones. One more factor where online learning can help in our society is the socially backward areas like tribal regions where parents still think twice before sending their girls to schools. The dream of education for all can truly be achieved with this initiative.

Where many startups are getting a hold in the e-commerce industry, online learning and initiative like WiseAcademia are surely going to be one of the success stories we are going to hear about in years to come.

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