India Violates UN resolution and genocide Kashmiris: Qaid Khaksar Tehreek

By Nazir Siyal
KARACHI: A veteran leader Khaksar Tehrik Chief Dr. Sabiha Al-Mashriqi termed that nation ignored visionery leader mathematician Allama  Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi, who repeatedly predicted true aspects about Kashmir and ultimate plan of India against Pakistan and region that will destroy regionsl peace by rule of terror and terrorism after violation of UNO.
This she said while on 131st birth and 56th death Anniversary of founder Khaksar Tehrik Indo-Pak Allama I.K Mashriqi (25 August, 1888 – 27th August 1963).
On the occasion, countrwide different programs, events, conferences, seminars have been planned in various cities to mark the anniversary throughput.
Dr Sabiha Al-Mashrqi claimed that due to lack of vision of politicians bothsides and greed of power the sufferings of region particularly Muslims of India and Kashmir have been infested she told.
She further said it is vital clear that after disputed divide bothsides, the rule of terror and tyranny prevails, whilst brought a big tragedy, missery and terrorism in the region.
A truth had also predicted by the legend leader freedom fighter Allama Mashriqi before the partition she told.
Khaksar Woman Leader said that KT understands Kashmir is vital part of Pakistan not only due to its strategic location of Indus River originates from Kashmir travel long 1800 km, because it was the matter of life and death of all since its creation, how can we hand over Kahmir, like a cake to India occupied for over 72 years she said.
Chief Khakshar Tehrik Dr. Sabiha Al-Mashriqi and daughter in-law of freedom fighter wrangler scholar Alama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi disclosed that after 72 years Khakshar Tehriks’ statements are proved true about India that never release it’s possession on J&K due to its reality, added whole Pakistan will be destroyed due to Indian occupation on Kashmirs’ water resources she told.
Dr. Sabiha Al-Mashriqi opined that brave Tribal/Himalayans along with Khaksars fought for independence of Kashmir in 1948, but right on the whole Kashmir control, India knocks  UNO. Pakistani brave tribals with Khakshar leader Allama Mashriqi who also injured in Kashmir, but the Government of Pakistan halted tribals and arrest Allama Mashriqi put him in jail without any case for three and half years.
Unfortunately, India approached putting UNO for resolution, ultimately got relaxed in Kashmir parts.
Khakshar Tehrik had warned government not to agree in UNO, otherwise it would not be resolved till the annihilation Al-Mashriqi told.
Allama Mashriqi had several times opposed, to take Kashmir by struggle with tribals but Government of Pakistan did not do so and despite it, arrested Allama Mashriqi various.
She said now the world knows all facts that India genocide Muslims youth and innocent killings in Kashmir completely announced illegal occupation laid self imposed articles that violating UNO resolution she told.
Dr Sabiha uttered where are the editors, writers and rulers/politicians now, those had criticized genius, wrangler scholar foundation scholar, Mathematicians Allama Mashriqi, who depicted truth according to scientifically proved analysis/predictions that the India gradually complete plans with meager amount silently against Pakistan.
Dr Sabiha said that we strongly believed today need of such dauntless leader like Al-Mashriqi. When he had cried for Pakistan waters in Kashmir, the politicians rulers criticized him that who may turn magnificent waters?. The world now observes that the heavy reservoirs turned and diverted among Indus, Chenab, Sutlej, Bias, Ravi, Neelam, Jhehlum and its hundreds of dams completed during 72 years after creation.
Khaksar woman leader said not only above rivers but mega Indus river dry everywhere or else inundated whenever due to height control on Kashmir of India she said.
She said that once again rulers and Pakistan needs beware of all diplomatic levels to save Pakistan from every crisis, otherwise, they will be destroyed, begged without drop of water.
We Khaksar demands a true and honest selfless leadership should take control to the heights of development in every nook and corner.

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