Terminology of Nature’s Arithmetic Different from Man-made Equation

THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi…. (Topics series)

Arithmetic we started with man-made figures and then went on to the sign of Algebra and the algebraic equations. It seems indeed frivolous to suppose that Natural laws were made on accordance with these equations and that the All-Pervading Intelligence that created the Universe had slate and pencil in its hands when solving its sums.
The theory of relativity has already indicated that these man-made equations must get amended further as knowledge increases, and where is the incontrovertible proof yet of the truth of Einstein’s theory! Our Units of measurement by the yardstick or the wag of the pendulum have already been proved fallacious and unreal.
There is a clear indication in the rigid mathematical formulae that, we either outwitted Nature by their discovery, or Nature is gleefully thankful to Man that he has discovered them. Such a position falsifies itself and the only conclusion we can arrive at is that Man has so far failed to discover the laws of Nature in the language and terminology of Nature itself, also that he is hopelessly ignorant of the Natural Units of Measurement etc.

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