HYDERABAD: Exports from Hyderabad region for 6 months from July to December 2013 had touched 20% increase in comparison to figures for the year July 2012 to June 2013. The export of the 6 months in question was recorded to 5030 million rupees and more than half of this export was from cotton yarn which amounts to Rs.3684 millions out of which export to China only was more than 3588 millions.Which means China is major exporter of cotton yarn from Hyderabad region. Other items of export rice 270 millions, raw cotton 654 millions to Vietnam, Jackets,shirts and suits 31 millions,rose flowers 15 millions,peanuts 17 millions. Other items exported from this region include maize, alpha seeds, gold bangles, tomatoes, seeds, warm clothes, textile waste, to Italy, motor cycles mostly to Afghanistan, potato, mango, herbs, etc. It may be reminded that export from Hyderabad region during July 2012 to June 2013 was 94321 millions. Deputy Director Trade Development Authority of Pakistan Hyderabad Mumtaz Ali Leghari who is moving force behind increase and promoting exports from Hyderabad region during last 3 years. He told that his efforts were to increase agriculture products from the region along with industrial products and hoped that this year they could achieve big target of mango exports it was expected to have bumper crop of mango.
Increase in exports from this region is thanks to efforts of exporters like Younis Khatri, United spinning mills, Bajwa spinning, National spinning,Fimcotex International, Ansari traders, Golden industries,Qalandari industries, Jaffar Abbasi, Masood Ali Khan, Haji Ayub and H.B international.