State government and media

Iqra Ashraf

“State is an aggregation of different families and villages organized for the purpose of providing facilities for the promotion of a happy and prosperous life” by Aristotle. State means country. Media is considered as the 4th pillar of the state and it has to point out any malfunctioning happened in the state.
But today media has working on destroying the image of the state.
There is a difference between state and government. Government is a part of state who deals with state’s affairs. Hardly any one knows about the difference of state and government. Our media is promoting that Pakistan is a corrupt state but reality is that its administration is corrupt even common masses are corrupt.
At international level Pakistan is considered as a terrorist country, an unsafe country even people hide their identity if they are Pakistani.
This is only because of media, they blaming on Pakistan and its institutions. Institutions itself cannot be a corrupt it is a person who makes that institution corrupt. Similarly Pakistan is not a corrupt state its government, opposition, even public makes it corrupt.
Unfortunately our media is immature, they starts exaggerating the things. Things which are sometimes normal but they exaggerated those things. Pakistan is facing many challenges and with this attitude of media Pakistan will be destroyed. And this is what enemies want.
Now every one should be united and this is what time demands. Stop criticizing on Pakistan and its institutions. Otherwise we cannot stop any outsiders that do not criticize on our state. This is how we can safe our image at broader level.
Media has to promote knowledge and education. Media has enough power to change the minds of the people and bring awareness in them. If public is aware enough then they would not allow any one to criticize about their state.