THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi…. (Topics series)

Migration from this planet this planet will start only when the struggle reaches its climax. A group of those struck hardest by the struggle will then begin to move to higher spheres by man-made machines or other defectives paraphernalia. Thousands, perhaps millions, will then lose their lives in this attempt, but the urge itself will produce in this race of would-be superman qualities quite distinct from the inhabitants of the lower Earth. Time must then come when this “ race of renegades” captures a celestial sphere somehow and settles there against all odds. Only imagination can say what tremendous changes will have taken place in the organism of Nan by then, but the evolution would have started in right earnest. Collective knowledge of the whole Human Race alone would have brought about effort to fruition knowledge-not perhaps so much of man-made geometry and physics but of the Geometry and Physics of Nature-alone would have paved the way for such a terrible migration. It will in fact be the dawn of divine knowledge.

The Question arises: Will this little Earth be the sole feeder for building up a race of “Universe Conquerors” or will “Intelligences” in other quarters also join this wonderful and staggering race? We may be getting here into the domain of conjecture but probability points to the fact that Intelligences, even though all not much superior to Nab in point of intellect yet living in Heavenly bodies and organically developed, must meet Man in this wonderful wilderness. In spite of all this Man shall have to start with the supposition that “He stands alone” to accomplished this seemingly impossible but DIVINE TASKS.

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