Sindh rulers asked to stop making mockery of education

Sameer Nazir
Pasban Pakistan President AltafShakoor and central vice president Rafique Ahmed Khaskheli showed astonishment on the confession of the Sindh senior education minister for education and literacy Nisar Ahmed Khuhro that “in the last tenure Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) government in Sindh 30000 illegal recruitments were made in the Sindh education department but the former education minister Pir MazharulHaq was not involved in this corruption”.
They asked if PirMazhar was not involved in this corruption than were the education ministers of the neighboring countries involved in this mega scam. They asked to stop making this mockery of education sector. They said if the land of Sindh can go barren with the construction of Kalabagh Dam, this brazen mockery can also make barren the coming generations of Sindh They said the nationalist friends if they are sincere with the nation should raise a strong voice against this destruction of Sindh education.
The Pasban leaders asked if PirMazhar was an angle. They said instead of giving these jobs on merits, the corrupt rulers sold these jobs on Rs0.15million per post, but the PPP rulers are saying that former Sindh education minister was not involved in this corruption. They asked the rulers in whose pocket went the corruption money of Rs4500million. They said this corruption money went to the rulers who got the sweet fruits of government during last 5 years.
The Pasban leaders appealed to the nationalist parties of Sindh to raise a strong voice against this heavy blow to the education sector of Sindh if they are really sincere to their cause. They said the nationalist leaders had launched a drive against the Kalabagh Dam on the plea that it would make Sindh barren. They said the corruption in education department would make barren our coming generation and the nationalists should also raise strong voice against it. They said corruption is running in every vein of the rulers and as fish cannot live without water their ministers could not live without corruption. They asked the rulers to have mercy on Sindh education and stop the corrupt practices of their ministers.

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