Sindh Bachayo Committee halts at Highway against IDPs Influx in Sindh

By Syed Atiq Turabi/Abid Ali Solangi
Sindh Bachayo Committee (SBC) leaders widely protested against the influx of IDPs in Sindh and blocked highway in Moro While addressing the procession leaders of Sindh Bachayo Committee demanded the restriction over the migration of Waziristan operation affected people in Sindh Province.
According to the Sindh Bachayo Leaders, the continue migration of IDPs in Sindh is not only an open challenge to the sovereignty of Sindh, but also a threat to peace, as the migration of IDPs opens the doors of terrorism, shelter for the terrorist Talibans which is never acceptable they said.
Addressing the procession, the leaders of Sindh Bachayo Committee said that the terrorists all over world are present in Wanna and Waziristan, these settlement of IDPs only a lame excuse of operation, but the affected people influx in Sindh, which is act by the government officials. The Sindh government failed to protect the people of Sindh, which is an injustice. Sindh is not the shelter of uncivilized and cruel terrorists that they are being settled in Sindh, while converting the native people of Sindh into minority they said.
Further addressing the procession, the Leaders of Sindh Bachayo Committee warned the government that; until the immigration of IDPs in Sindh is not closed, they will continue their protests in entire Sindh province and sacrifice their last drop of blood at any cost they said.
The Protesting leaders of Sindh Bachayo Committee were included Chairman SBC Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah, Dr. Niaz Kalani, Fataah Channa, Dodo Maheri, Mehboob Abrro, Chairperson Awami Jamhoori Party Karam Hussain Wassan, Leader Sindhi Adabi Sangat Razaq Mastoi, Aijaz Samttiyo and others.

While in Dadu, on the central call of QAT – Quomi Awami Tahreek, Activists of Quomi Awami Tahreek established protest camp and staged sit-in to protest against the arrival of Internally Displaced Persons – IDPs in Sindh, terrorism, poverty, water, electricity load-shedding, destruction of education, health, corruption and lawlessness in Sindh on Monday in Mehar town.
QAT – Quomi Awami Tahreek protest camp was led by advocate Najeeb Mahessar, advocate Meer Khoso, Imtiaz Jatoi, Habib Chandio and Others.