Shot in the dark: This actress almost got caught red-handed

NEW DELHI: This thirty-plus actress, who made her debut with a superstar, has never really managed to get a huge break in her acting career. As of now, she seems to be trying hard to start afresh with a business venture of her own.

Although her films did not manage to create enough buzz, her personal life has always been hogging a lot of limelight. She recently finished shooting for her film with an actor who too doesn’t have any film in his kitty. To add to her woes, her crew members weren’t impressed by the rushes she showed them.

One person who seems to believe in her is her business partner who, in spite of being married, is said to be extra fond of the actress. He accompanies her wherever she goes. Needless to say, even though the two go blue in the face denying any association more than business, the rumour mills have been abuzz.

The couple almost got caught red-handed last weekend. The duo was seen sneaking into a swanky suburban hotel for some private time together when they were spotted by a group of people who happened to be acquaintances of the actress.
The embarrassed couple didn’t know what to say and quickly blurted out some excuse of doing a recce for their next film in the hotel. Well, the group just sniggered at this excuse and quickly moved away without a word.

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