Richa Chadda detained at Delhi airport

NEW DELHI: Richa Chadda was stopped at the airport for carrying a skincare item that aroused suspicion among customs officials

Richa Chadda had recently flown to Delhi for work and while returning to Mumbai, she was apparently questioned for two hours at the Delhi airport.

A source says, “Richa wanted to meet her family and cater to a work commitment in Delhi last week. She has been following an Ayurvedic beauty and skin care routine.

Instead of taking tablets, she prefers talc; on this trip too, she had carried the same in her bag.”

This seems to have created problems for the actress, as she was interrogated by customs officials at the Delhi airport. “The officials thought that the beauty powder was a suspicious item. After a gruelling session, where the actress was questioned for over two hours, Richa was allowed to fly out. This incident has shocked the actress as she didn’t think she’d face any trouble due to the powder.”
Richa confirms the news and says, “I am a big believer in Ayurveda and was carrying my Ayurvedic supplements to Mumbai. However, the security found the talc to be suspicious. I didn’t want them to confiscate my items, as they are tough to procure; it took me a while to convince them. Thankfully, I didn’t miss my flight.”

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